3 October 2022
futureware seotranslations communication


seo is short for search engine optimization. Building a site is only the first stage. It is important to make sure that people will find your site. futureware.nl can carry out and supervise this process for you.

HTML validation

Search engine optimization starts during the building of yoursite. futureware.nl uses the official HTML validator to ensure that the code is perfect.


When writing your webtexts, you need to think of your target audience. Which keywords will they use to find your products and services? We can help you write the perfect texts.

Search engine registration

When the site is finished, we make sure to notify the main search engines and we make sure that they are able to index your site.


It is important to have links to your site on as many other sites as possible. We can supervise that process and advise on the best course of action.

"We've only just begun" - Carpenters