3 October 2022
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futureware.nl specializes in building websites and webshops for small and medium-sized businesses. Most companies understand the need for an online presence in this day and age.


For starters, most of your competitors already have a website. In addition, people will contact you or visit your store after finding you online. Of course, you can also decide to sell your products or services on the Internet.


We build websites and webshops that meet the current requirements of the Internet and of your customers. In most cases, you can manage the site's content yourself.

search engine optimization

We keep the search engines in mind while building your site, and make sure that the site is then submitted to a number of search engines. We also advise you on your search engine policy, using Google Analytics, AdWords and AdSense.

the costs

Although many web designers continue to charge obscene amounts of money for their services, we pride ourselves on offering a high quality product at an acceptable price.

"A hard rain's a-gonna fall." - Bob Dylan